Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always liked the idea of decorating for the Holidays. I was so obsessed with Christmas decor that I would make my mom buy new ornaments every year (AS ONE SHOULD).
Fast-forward to the present day, living the “extraordinary” entrepreneur/nomad/influencer life doesn’t leave much money to spare on inessential things… Shout out to all the home decor stores. Hit me up!
Anyway, my friend Hugo and his boyfriend just moved to a new apartment, super modern and with a big kitchen. They are the straightest gay guys I’ve ever met. If you knew them, you’d understand. Despite that and much to my surprise, they have been doing a fantastic job furnishing their pad.
Since Absolut Elyx loved the work Chelsea and I did last month, they invited me to collaborate with them once again. Who am I to say no? I’m all for their copper, luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. Thus, I knew Hugo’s apartment would be the ideal place for Manchic’s holiday special. LOL
By the way, I didn’t drink until I turned 18 years old, for a little after that, I wasn’t even allowed to drink in front of my parents.  #Mexicans Well I’m now an independent man, and although I won’t be putting up a Christmas tree, I do expect to be jolly, and by jolly, I mean toasting Absolut Elyx so often I can handle that awkward small talk conversation at the next Holiday party. – Sorry, mom!
OK, let’s get drinking! Here’s what you’re going to need to make the Copper Cup #16:
Absolut Elyx (duh!), passion fruit puree – because it’s fancier than juice, Vanilla cordial, Champagne (or if you’re “broke” like me Prosecco).
If you’re thinking, “Oh God, I’m no mixologist, how am I going to make this?” Don’t sweat it; this cocktail is super easy to prepare.  All you have to do is:
Add 3 parts of Absolut Elyx
3 parts of passion fruit puree
With 1 part Vanilla cordial.
Put all of these ingredients and ice into your shaker, mix it, pour it, and top it with Champagne. Garnish with some fresh mint.
The bubbles and musical tin (at $39 including the Absolut Elyx bottle), put that Merry touch on this drink. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?
Want to see me being extra mixing the Copper Cup #16? Watch the video below. – Like, share, comment! I want to know what you think.
Happy Holidays y’all! And remember #CopperMakesItBetter

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